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or while his stomach   is quite  empty.    Food   consumed  in
hunger is very salutary.                                                   (78)
Listen! A. king should treat the three vargas (dharma^
artha and kama] alike. If, perchance, the share of dharma
increases, he should feel happy like a farmer who finds his
rice-field unexpectedly irrigated with the water lifted into
another's field, through a breach in the ridge.                    (79)
Purchase gems which increase splendour so that you should
appear radiant; for, they are necessary in order to enhance
the dignity of your appearance. A king should wear (a sepa-
rate set of) gems and jewels on every day of the week. (80)
You should not think: " Our work is to govern the
kingdom. (It necessarily involves sin.) Then, how can we
get rid of sin Y9 Even the Veda does not enjoin you to do
the impossible. It (only) commands you (to rule justly) to the
best of your abilities.                                                       (81)
Hanxt, Dandadhara and others were known as righteous
rulers, as they punished (the criminals) having understood
their guilt well. Unless an anointed sovereign, wlio has been
created by Prajanaiha for the purpose of governing the people,
who is known by the Vedic names Viral and Samrat and who
is equal to godóremoves the troubles of the earth enduring
hardships, can his birth be said to be fruitful ? Do not the
bandit chiefs satisfy their sensual desires by raping captive
women and with the wealth obtained by attacking caravans
of merchants ? You should not consider the protection of the
earth a trouble, and be indifferent to it, for, formerly in the
Krta age, Sahasrabahu, the son of Krtavirya, punished
(the wrong doers), appearing with sword, club, bow and
other weapons before them at all places and times in this earth
protected well by his mighty arms. It is not possible for the
kings of this last Kali age who are feeble in keeping with it,
to punish (evil) in that manner..........    Therefore, you should
carry on (the work of) protection and punishment*
to your ability, without being indifferent to what you